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3 Ways Counselling Can Change Your Life!

October 5, 2017

People use counselling in a variety of ways. Some people struggle with the concept of getting outside help, whilst others relish the chance to talk to an unbiased third party to try and gain some perspective on a problem.

In a world where we are all expected to deal with more pressure and more stress, and with communication being so readily available it is often hard to escape to a safe sanctuary, it’s not surprising that more and more people are turning to counselling to help with their mental health.

Here are three ways we think counselling can change your life.


There’s a saying, a problem shared is a problem halved. Whilst this is a very basic principle it can also be quite true. The more you talk about your world and your issues, the more awareness you can start to gain.

Sometimes you can’t see the trees for the leaves, meaning you are so close to the issue, you live it every day, and it can be hard to ascertain what exactly is making you feel the way you do. Talking to someone with an outside opinion can help give you understanding and clarity, and sometimes the issue can become quite obvious, quite quickly.

Enjoy the present

Counselling can help you appreciate the here and now. We have a fast pace of life these days and everyone is working towards something, but it is important to be happy in the present and enjoy what you have. Feelings of anxiety and depression can keep us trapped in the past or dreading the future. Counselling can help you focus on today, and taking each day as it comes. By letting go of the past and not dreading the future, you can start to enjoy a more peaceful now.


Counselling can help you assess the people in your life and their impact on you. You might find that you have under-appreciated or undervalued your support network in the past, and talking to a counsellor might help you identify those that you want to invest more time into. Counselling can also give you the tools you need to identify toxic people in your life, and give you the strength to focus on relationships that build you up.

At Sharman’s Therapy Centre, you can work with one of our caring counsellors on the Gold Coast. Individual counselling gives you a sensitive, confidential space to talk with someone who really listens.

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