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Sharman’s Therapy Centre is here to help people to reach their full potential. In our non-judgmental Gold Coast counselling space, you can share your story, gain new insights, and be heard.

Life can be challenging. As we adapt to each challenge that comes our way, we can expand our abilities, stretch our horizons, and grow in strength. Sometimes, a counsellor, coach or psychotherapist can help provide clarity during this natural process.

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As we progress through life, we might also be searching for meaning. We might be looking for physical or emotional wellbeing, or a greater sense of fulfilment. When we have a sense of clarity in life, it can help us feel fulfilled.

Sometimes, we might be held back by self-limiting beliefs. It can be challenging to move past these beliefs. In fact, sometimes, it can even be hard to tell when we are affected by these beliefs. A counsellor or coach might be able to help you identify these beliefs and bring about change.

Counselling and coaching at Sharman’s Therapy Centre can help you to understand more about who you are. When you join us, we can use a gentle psychotherapy, counselling or coaching approach, such as Gestalt Therapy or The Journey Process or People Play Coaching to help you learn about patterns that might be holding you back.

This sense of clarity can be helpful in many different areas of life. Health issues, personal development, stress management, trauma experiences, and many more issues can motivate people to seek counselling, in a quest for self-awareness and understanding.

Choosing a counsellor, coach or psychotherapist is a very personal choice. It’s important that you feel that your practitioner connects with you. This unique relationship can then become a safe space for growth and development.

Susie Sharman is our practitioner and life coach. Susie genuinely cares for each person and the struggles and challenges we all face in life. We’re here to help each person on their journey towards a life of freedom, wholeness and peace.

When you see us in our Gold Coast counselling centre, we’re here to listen. You already know what’s best for you. We’re here to help you to achieve your goals in a way that suits you, so you can feel safe, valued and respected.

You can learn more about Susie on her page, or contact our Gold Coast counselling centre to learn more.

Choosing a counsellor or coach is an important decision, so we are happy to answer your questions, whether you’d like to learn more about our therapy and coaching options, counsellors or any other aspect of visiting Sharman’s Therapy Centre.

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