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Ian – QLD

October 7, 2016

Susie Sharman has asked me for a testimonial for her new business venture. As a very happy customer over the past year, it is a pleasure for me to say a big YES to that!


I first heard about Susie from a good friend who had seen her for some Gestalt counselling sessions. At first, I was doubtful about the whole therapy thing. However, over time, I saw the changes in my friend. He seemed happier in lots of ways and he told me that his relationship with his wife and kids was much better.


Anyway, in recent years I was having a few problems myself. My marriage of 10 years had ended and I now realise how depressed I had become. I started to drink heavily and after too many days off work because of hangovers, I lost my job. Around this time, I saw my GP who suggested I try taking an anti-depressant medication and to see a Psychologist for counselling.


I found that the medication helped for a while; however I was still drinking too much and balked at the idea of seeing a Psychologist. Then I remember my mate who had had counselling a couple of years ago. I thought “well, what do I have to lose?” I rang him and asked for Susie Sharman’s phone number.


Anyway, I have now had about 8 sessions. At first, I saw Susie weekly and then, as I started to feel better, sessions became fortnightly. I stopped taking the anti-depressants a few months ago and have cut right back on my drinking. I have a new job and my relationship with my ex-wife and kids is getting better.


I have tried both the Gestalt therapy and something called the Journey. To my surprise, I have found both types of counselling to be very helpful. I have tried to explain to other people how these sessions work but it’s hard for me to put what I experienced into words. All I know is, this stuff works!


I am very grateful to be feeling more like my old self – in fact, better than my old self. I have realized that I wasn’t the easiest bloke to live with and often became angry or incredibly sad for some reason. I now have a much better understanding of why I have had these feelings and hurt the people closest to me. I am grateful for the help Susie has given me. I am also glad that she is a nurse because she has given me lots of advice on my health and how best to cope in life and not escape into the bottle.

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