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Addiction Counselling

At Sharman’s Therapy Centre, we assist people with many kinds of difficulties. Life can present us with many challenges, and these challenges can sometimes feel hard to overcome.

A counsellor can provide a caring space where you can feel heard. Here, we can work together to gain new insights. With this self-awareness, it can be easier to understand our problems and goals, and work towards a greater sense of fulfilment.

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Some people come to see us for addiction counselling. This can be a meaningful part of a treatment plan for a range of addiction issues such as alcohol and/or other drug abuse, smoking, gambling, eating disorders, shopping, sex, work, social media use and many other forms of addiction.

Addiction counselling is about developing an understanding of our struggles. Addictions can develop for a number of reasons. For instance, an addiction might represent a way of coping with a difficult experience in our past or present.

The gift of self-awareness can help us to find new, healthier coping skills. Your counsellor can work with you to develop these new coping skills over time.

Change can be a gradual process. When we have a long-term coping strategy such as addiction, our habits can become ingrained. Your counsellor can help you to understand this change process, as you begin to take steps towards healthier ways of coping.

If you’d like to learn more about addiction counselling at Sharman’s Therapy Centre, you can contact us. We understand that choosing a counsellor is a personal decision. So, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about our counselling approaches and counsellors.

Counselling or psychotherapy can be part of a treatment plan for addiction. In many cases, it is beneficial to have the support of other health professionals, too. For example, we might arrange a referral to a detox or other addiction support centre.

To learn more about the 2 different styles of counselling used at Sharman’s Therapy Centre, go to Gestalt Therapy

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