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Children’s Counselling

Sharman’s Therapy Centre welcomes children aged five years and older. Our compassionate counsellors are friendly and patient, ready to listen to your child in a personal and gentle children’s counselling experience.

Children’s counselling can be beneficial for many reasons. Some parents bring their child to our counselling centre because they are concerned about a particular behaviour or an event, such as grief and loss, bullying, or stress.

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In counselling, the relationship with a counsellor is key. When you bring your child to our Gold Coast counselling centre, we’ll work on their level. Your child is the centre of their own therapy journey, setting the goals and pace of our work together.

Children’s counselling is a safe, non-judgmental experience where your child can express feelings, thoughts or frustrations. This self-expression can help a child to process an event or idea, as they tell their story in their own way.

We can see a child as an individual, or accompanied by their parent(s). This children’s counselling approach is an alternative to family therapy, family counselling, or therapy with a psychologist.

As we progress, we can assist children to develop self-awareness, confidence, and wellbeing. This therapy experience can assist children to move past barriers or challenges in their lives.

The Journey Process might be appropriate for your child. When you bring your child for this gentle psychotherapy, we keep the session to a child-friendly one-hour time length. You can learn more about The Journey Process by going through the Journey page in this website.

Each counselling approach can be different, and can have a different impact on your child. If you’re wondering whether Sharman’s Therapy Centre might be able to assist your child, you’re welcome to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

We look forward to working with you and your child as you continue your journey towards wellbeing and fulfilment.

To learn more about the 2 different styles of counselling used at Sharman’s Therapy Centre, go to Gestalt Therapy

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