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Couples Counselling

At Sharman’s Therapy Centre, you and your partner can receive sensitive couples’ counselling from our caring Gold Coast counselling centre.

Many people encounter relationship difficulties from time to time. Conflict is a natural and healthy part of a relationship. Sometimes, though, we can find ourselves in patterns that persist over time.

Psychotherapist - Gold Coast - Couples Counselling

We might find ourselves in arguments, unable to resolve a key point of difference, or perhaps having trouble communicating. Sometimes, couples encounter a shared loss or trauma that they might also like to work through together.

Couples’ counselling is an opportunity for both partners to share their stories, listen, and gain insights about themselves and their relationship.

Your counsellor will get to know both of you, creating a respectful and sensitive space for discussion and progress. The focus is on you and your partner; you can set the goals for your therapy.

As you progress in your couples’ counselling sessions, you can explore what’s holding you back personally and within your relationship. You can identify shared goals, stories and insights together.

Our approach focuses on this gift of awareness. When we start with an awareness of who we are and what we believe, we can move towards a place of peace and understanding.

We offer marriage counselling, and can also assist couples in other kinds of relationships. This can be a step in exploring family dynamics too, before considering family therapy or family counselling.

If you’re looking for relationship counselling on the Gold Coast, Sharman’s Therapy Centre is here to help. Marga Rita Rose, one of our caring counsellors, is experienced in providing couples’ counselling. She looks forward to meeting with you.

Our counselling approaches might be different from those you have experienced before. You can learn more about our outlook on our Therapy pages.

Choosing a relationship counsellor is an important decision. You’re welcome to learn more about our counselling and psychotherapy approaches, and to get in touch if you’d like to learn more. We’re happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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