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At Sharman’s Therapy Centre on the Gold Coast, we are here to listen. Many people come to see us because they are feeling down. In some cases, this feeling could be a sign of depression.

Everyone feels sad from time to time. It’s natural to have periods of time in life when we don’t feel like ourselves. Grief, sadness, frustration, fatigue or boredom are all normal feelings that are part of our human experience.

Psychotherapist - Gold Coast - Deplession

In some cases, our feelings might persist or worsen, making it difficult to go on with our daily lives. At this point, it might be helpful to consider counselling, psychotherapy, or another treatment option.

When you visit Sharman’s Therapy Centre for help with symptoms of depression, we are here to listen. Our focus is on your therapy goals, helping you to gain new insights. We might explore limiting beliefs that might be holding you back, or administer a depression test to help you to reflect on your symptoms.

Self-awareness can help many people in many different ways. With greater self-awareness, we might be able to set new goals, recognise our limiting beliefs, and restore a greater sense of wholeness or wellbeing.

This outlook is part of our approach to counselling, which combines many different outlooks, such as The Journey Process and Gestalt Therapy.

Your relationship with your counsellor is a key part of the therapy process. Your counsellor is here to listen and understand without judgement. Psychotherapy or counselling can be helpful, giving you the space to move towards fulfilment on your own personal journey.

Depression is a common experience that can take many forms. In some cases, such as in severe depression and particularly with suicidal thoughts it may be more appropriate to be referred to a mental health facility or psychiatrist.

If you’d like to learn more about counselling at Sharman’s Therapy Centre and whether it might be suitable for you, you’re welcome to contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

To learn more about the 2 different styles of counselling used at Sharman’s Therapy Centre, go to Gestalt Therapy

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