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Health Issues

At Sharman’s Therapy Centre, our sensitive counsellors provide a safe space to explore challenges and opportunities in life. Some people visit our Gold Coast counselling centre to talk about health issues.

Psychotherapist - Gold Coast - Health Issues

Health issues often involve physical and psychological elements. Our physical condition can affect our overall wellbeing. And, our feelings and beliefs can affect our attitudes and behaviours, which can impact on our physical health. So, counselling can be a helpful part of a plan to address a health issue.

Through counselling at Sharman’s Therapy Centre, many people find that they grow in self-awareness. With this new level of insight, people can identify the beliefs that are holding them back, helping them to move towards their health goals.

Our counsellors, Susie and Marga Rita Rose, both have a well-rounded background in health. With skills and qualifications in nursing, our counsellors understand the role of our thoughts and feelings in our health issues. So, they’re here to listen and help.

Our approach to counselling might be different than previous counselling experiences you might have had. We follow several counselling outlooks, including The Journey Process, Gestalt Therapy and other modalities.

Our focus is on giving each person the space to feel accepted as they develop new insights about their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Together, we can look into the patterns and ideas that could be affecting your health issues, perhaps without your conscious knowledge.

Many people find that counselling or psychotherapy can help them to develop a greater sense of wellbeing and fulfilment. This outcome is our focus at Sharman’s Therapy Centre.

If you’d like to learn more about counselling for health issues at Sharman’s Therapy Centre, you’re welcome to contact us. We understand that seeking counselling for health issues is a personal journey, so we’re here to listen and answer your questions.

To learn more about the 2 different styles of counselling used at Sharman’s Therapy Centre, go to Gestalt Therapy

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