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Self Esteem & Personal Growth

Are you on a quest for personal development? As we progress through our lives, we are all faced with challenges. Each life experience gives us a chance to learn more about ourselves and continue growing. As we grow, we can gain a greater sense of fulfilment and meaning in our lives.

Psychotherapist - Gold Coast - Self Esteem

Counselling can help us on this personal development journey. The gift of awareness can help us to see ways to make changes in our lives, or to set goals that correspond with who we are.

Counselling or psychotherapy can also boost our self-esteem. As we learn to understand ourselves, we can celebrate our strengths, finding ways to build upon them. This can help us to cultivate a sense of wholeness and fulfilment, accepting ourselves as we are while striving to reach our full potential.

At Sharman’s Therapy Centre on the Gold Coast, our approach is focused on self-awareness. We use many different counselling modalities, helping you to develop a set of tools to recognise the beliefs that are holding you back. Counselling at our centre is a journey towards understanding who you are.

These counselling approaches might be different from your previous counselling experiences. Our modalities include The Journey Process, Gestalt Therapy, and People Play. You can learn more about these approaches on our Therapy pages.

A key part of counselling is the relationship you form with your counsellor. In this safe space, you’ll have the chance to share your story and gain new insights as you work with someone who is open, caring and non-judgmental.

Choosing a counsellor is a personal decision. So, we welcome you to contact our Gold Coast counselling centre if you have any questions about our counsellors, counselling approaches we’re always happy to hear from people.

To learn more about the 2 different styles of counselling used at Sharman’s Therapy Centre, go to Gestalt Therapy

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