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Marga Rita Rose

I have been a Registered nurse for 30 years working in many specialties, most recently with addicted individuals and in Aged and Palliative care. Through my nursing I have counselled people in mental health as well as the above mentioned fields.

The work I am offering is a combination of my skills accumulated over the span of my career as a Registered nurse, the training I have undertaken and my own personal growth, healing and spiritual journey over the last 33 years.

My work is a culmination of my own personal development, spiritual learnings and practice and a lifetime of trying to “fix” myself. I was always searching for something better “out there’’ whilst not feeling great in myself.

During my lifetime I have been working to free myself from cycles of anxiety, depression and from unconscious deep negative beliefs that were holding me in a place of profound dissatisfaction. I eventually came to realise I was not broken and this profound realisation has led me to recognise the deeper essence of who I am and to an ability to just BE.

From all of my experience I have learnt a great deal about how to have more inner peace, love, joy, play and freedom in my life and to know true and sustainable empowerment. I believe to be content and at peace we need to uncover our true and deep motivations and to find our core values.

When we compromise these values we disempower ourselves, devalue ourselves and we lose ourselves. I have found this factor alone to be a source of chronic unhappiness, unhealthy dependencies and addictions and profound spiritual and personal unrest.

As a result of my own experiences on this path of self-awareness and healing I am able to provide a loving space of acceptance to help my clients go deeper and reach true and sustainable self-love, peace and joy. This love can then extend from self to others in a much more authentic way and our ability to create more peace, love, joy, play and freedom in our life emerges.

I have come to recognise also that this path of change is very individual as we are all very different and have different needs. The recognition and acknowledgement of your needs are very much a part of our process together.

I reside on the Gold Coast and offer sessions in person, via Skype or via phone.

Mob: 0498251929

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