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The Journey Process

This profound and original psychotherapy was pioneered by Brandon Bays in 1992 in response to her diagnosis of a potentially life threatening health condition. From here, Brandon was guided to what she believed to be, her Life Purpose – to share with others what she had been given – the therapy tools to free lifelong emotional blocks to enable true transformation of mind, body and spirit.

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Brandon Bays has been true to that vision and The Journey Therapy Process is now used in many countries around the globe. Particular focus has been given to impoverished, war torn countries, cultures still carrying shame and guilt related to their involvement in past wars and closer to home, to our own indigenous communities. The original text, simply called “The Journey”, published by Harper Collins has been translated into 26 languages.

I recommend that people interested in undergoing The Journey Therapy Process, read the book mentioned above before their session, so that in the reading, they gain a better understanding of the powerful Mind/Body connection that exists in use all and the impact of Cellular Memory. Also, by reading Brandon’s story which includes an outline of the Physical and Emotional Journey Therapy processes, people can become more aware of their own issues and what is holding them back in life.

Through a gentle, guided counselling process, people are able to access that place of Truth or Timeless Knowing inside all of us. In this place, people can become aware of and strip away years of emotional and physical blocks, access the root causes of their issues and begin to live life as an expression of their highest potential.

The Journey Therapy Process can be also beneficial for children over the age of five. Again, there is a book called “The Junior Journey” available which outlines the process for children and physical and/or emotional issues that this form of therapy may assist. Young people usually love the Journey because they can have fun and be creative with the process.

My Role as a Journey Practitioner (Susan Sharman)

I allow up to 3 hours for a Journey session for adults. The actual process generally takes 1 ½ to 2 hours. Prior to the session, people are often anxious or concerned about what may or may not occur in the therapy session. The may be still preoccupied with “outside” issues. So, we start off with a brief discussion about what issue or issues they want to deal with; I will then give an outline of the therapy process and remind the person that it is their Journey and they will only deal with what they feel safe enough to deal with.

This discussion is followed by a meditation to help relax the mind. Then, my way of working is to facilitate the therapy process. There is no Hypnosis involved. Put simply, this is a guided meditation. There are no directives from me (as in “Here, you should………etc”). I see my role as a Journey therapist to be very much a guiding and supportive one, using specific counselling skills along the way.

After the process is complete, I allow time for people to “come back to the day”, have a cup of tea or coffee and become grounded again in the present. This is also a time for people to share anything they choose to share about their process. I check how complete they feel with whatever issue they have dealt with. I then give some practical advice on how to take care of themselves in the following 24 hours.

Finally, I suggest that people use a Journal to record any changes they observe over time. I check in with people a few days after their Journey Therapy Process and they are welcome to email or phone me with any observations or questions.

The Junior Journey process generally only takes about ½ hour to 1 hour because children don’t have the layers of emotional “stuff” to get access to their core being. Again, they are guided and supported through their therapy session and often invited afterwards, to express what they experienced and how they feel. Often, this is done through a drawing or painting.

Fees and Ongoing Work

The fee for a 3 hour Journey therapy session is $180 for an adult. If a client wants to process several issues (one process is required for each issue) I can negotiate costs for ongoing work.

The fee for a Junior Journey is dependent on how long the process takes. A general estimate is $60.I have a very comfortable and inviting counselling room set up in my home in the beautiful and nurturing Gold Coast hinterland, only @ 15 to 20 minutes from the M1.

“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end to all our exploring will be to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time”. T. S. Elliot

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