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Please be aware that the following testimonials represent the experiences of individuals I have had the privilege to work with in a counselling capacity. Any “healing” and change that takes place on an emotional or physical level for one person, may not be the experience of another person.

In other words, as with most things in life, there are no 100% guarantees. When it comes to counselling and personal growth, it is healthy to have an expectation that the therapy will be successful. Just keep in mind that you are unique and your experience is unique to you.

I first saw Susie Sharman in 2007, following a 2 day Journey Intensive weekend I had attended. I had also read the book by Brandon Bays so I had a fairly good idea of the process and what was involved

Annie – Gold Coast

Susie Sharman has asked me for a testimonial for her new business venture. As a very happy customer over the past year, it is a pleasure for me to say a big YES to that!


I first heard abo

Ian – QLD

I have had several Gestalt Therapy appointments with Susie Sharman. Six of these were in 2010 as a “volunteer client” when she was in her 3rd year of training. As we were both working full time, I

Elise – Gold Coast