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Why Choose Us?

At Sharman’s Therapy Centre on the Gold Coast, we believe in choice. As far as counselling is concerned, “one size certainly doesn’t fit all “. We provide a range of very effective styles of Therapy to suit individual needs and personalities.

Psychotherapist - Gold Coast - Why Us

So…why us??

Because what we do, works! Any change/healing that comes about is real and sustained.

We believe that the aim of Therapy is to bring about the integration of body, feelings and intellect. Part of this humanistic approach to counselling is to allow and encourage the client to take responsibility for his or her own life challenges within the context of their own social environment. We provide a style of counselling assist a person to develop self-empowerment to bring about their own healing.

By heightening a sense of awareness and responsibility, increased Response-ability becomes possible. This means that the more fully a person can become aware of who they are and what they are doing in this moment, the more freedom they can experience to change and choose their responses to life’s challenges.

The central focus of our styles of counselling people is the moment-by-moment process of the relationship between client and therapist. As the client works through the many stages of his or her Journey, the counsellor comes to be seen, more and more as a real person.

From the first encounter onwards, client and therapist exchange many moments of recognition of each other’s real humanity. In this place of true acceptance, not only is the client changed by the counsellor, but the counsellor is also affected and changed by the client.


Susie has great respect for “mainstream” types of counselling, which often have a lot to offer a client to live a more fulfilling life. This depends, of course on the individual Therapist and the personality and degree of awareness and willingness available to the client. However, we believe there are often limitations to mainstream therapies in regard to the pace of change and how deeply change is integrated and sustained in a client.

When it comes to personal growth and living to one’s fullest potential, we have total belief in our own abilities and personal qualities and no hesitation in recommending what we have to offer people.

Susie Sharman has trained and practiced as a Journey Practitioner (a type of Psychotherapy) since 2003. She has also trained as a Gestalt Therapist. Susie is Registered Nurse and has lived and worked on the Gold Coast for around 30 years.

As a person, Susie is caring, non-judgmental and uses a gentle and relaxed style of communication. Many of these attributes have been acquired through her Nursing career where she worked with people who struggle with drug and alcohol addictions and a variety of associated mental health problems, including depression, anxiety and long held feelings of low self-worth and shame.

Susie has been on her own path of personal growth for many years to heal her own core issues in order to attain a high level of love and forgiveness of herself and her past. She remains committed to this path and recognizes that personal growth is always about progress, not perfection.

Sharman’s Therapy Centre is located in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland. The setting is quiet and nurturing with plenty of space to wander the grounds of the property. There is also a variety of nearby bush walks to spend time with nature after a therapy session.

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